Bali Buddy Charity

The Bali Buddy Charity 

Every 6 months the Bali Buddy Team have a charity day where we go out to under developed villages to give, support, clothing food and love .. If you have any clothing you wish to bring to Bali please contact Wayan Tattoo who will arrange pick up from your hotel , Villa or resort.. Thanks for your continued support Niki , Wayan and the Bali Buddy Team.






A huge shout out to these amazing companies that always support our Charity Days … on the 15th July we visited two men,  who were sadly in need of food, drinking water, clothing and a bed . 

The first village we met Wayan; a young 40 year old man who had had a injury 15 years ago at Tanalot Temple – he was given a tetanus needle and the needle gave him a stroke and he has been paralysed for 15 years .. his family were so appreciative of the bed, clothing, food, water and cash that we supplied .. My heart broke for Wayan .. Sadly he passed away the next day …  so sad … tears were flowing …& still are.

The second village we visited a elderly man who lives alone with no running  water, no toilet and no kitchen … we supplied him with much needed food, water, clothing, cash and The Bali Buddy banner to give him some protection from the elements …  always wishing to do more … 

Thanks to the amazing Bali Buddy Team .. you make me so proud xx you are so caring,  kind and loving to those in need xxx.  Your association with the Charity foundation to research where help is needed is brilliant. 

To the Bali Buddy Partners – this would not be possible without you.. A million Thank-you’s xxxx  Words can’t express my thanks .. 

Thanks – Bali Happy Fast Boat for the Mini Buses and Car .xxx 

Surya ATV, Dewayung Rafting, Bali Sunset Adventure , Gana Restaurant , Terrace River Pool Swing. Martha Haizum Coffee, Dodo’s Artika Silver, Bali Bird Park, Kalpika Spa, Tirtha Harum Watersport, Bejana Restaurant , Aero Park Restaurant, Made FuckerInk, Bali Safari Park, Abian  Subuk Coffee, Warung Greek, Bali Dolphin Watersport. 

If your visiting Bali and  you  would like to donate clothing or supplies for future charity runs  please  contact Wayan Tattoo direct …. 

Team Bali Buddy ..  Love you all xxx 

Much Love Niki xxxxx 




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