Bali Street Kids

In Bali you meet these sad children begging on intersections or working the street in tourist areas.  These children are from the poorest areas of Bali, they are sent to the city by their family to beg for money to make their parents more income.  These kids have no proper shelter, food, education or attention.  They are often traumatized victims of abuse.  Without help they will eventually learn to survive as a “boss” of younger children or turn to the tourist sex industry.  They are among the most disadvantaged in Indonesia.

What Bali Street Kids Do? 

Shelter and Home they provide a shelter and home where sick, tired, and traumatized kids can visit and live free of abuse, where they come  to trust adults caring for them.  They have clean clothing, good hygiene and meals.

Education Most of these children have had no schooling, so they are provided classes and tutoring.

Caring  Health, Dental, food and water.

Beach Class On the beach and sometimes secretly BSK teach reading, maths and fun to children who’s ‘boss’ or parents refuses to let them go to school.

This is only a small piece of information about what BSK do. If you would like to know more, visit or help out with donations etc email Putu Etiatini (founder)  +6281337411112.

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