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Phone Cards

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For a Bali Sim Card & Bali Data. Go to Jimmie shop (across the road from Puri Paja Hotel on Padma Ultara) Jimmie will look after all your phone and data needs and also sell you a cheap phone if needed. Ask for a Telakomsel Sim Card or similar.  Check that your phone is unlocked before you leave the country. To call Aus 0101761 drop the 0 i.e. in 02. ie : 0101761427814915   To ring Australia from your Bali Sim ?  If you have a Telakomsel  Sim Card (this is the one I always use)  dial 0101761 (no 0) as in 02 just use 2 then the number.   Same if you use a Melpati Sim Card but you dial 0101661 (drop the 0) then dial the number.

It’s much cheaper for you to ring from Bali than what it is for family and friends to ring from Australia.  However if they wish to ring your Bali Mobile No: this, is the code they will use in Oz = 001162 then your Bali No:

As we all know Face Time & What Apps Cost….nothing

Made Money Changer

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Made  – Money Changer

Made Money has now moved to Garlic Lane just down from Sucawathi Hotel opposite Gang Nine 

Easy to find 

mention Bali Buddy 

Great Rates and honest Money changer 

Made will also come to you to exchange your money if you have a large some of cash…0812 394 877. Mention The Bali Buddy. Made also offers discounted Water Bom Park Tickets & will deliver to your Hotel/Villa.

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When using a  money changer make sure your money is being counted on top of the counter.  Hold your Australian Dollars, watch the money being counted then recount it yourself then exchange your Aussie dollars.  Be smart and you wont have any problems.  Better still if in Legian call my friend Made 0812 394 877 and he will direct you to his money changer. Great person, lovely man and really honest.. no money will flick under the counter with Made..  He will look after you.  I highly recommend Made.

Use a bank.  Get as much out as you can because each time you exchange money you are being charged up to  $8. Most banks will give you a maximum of 3 mil i.e.: $300. Check you take your card with you & use ATM machines in DAY LIGHT HOURS ONLY

Be careful using ATM cards in shops, you risk your bank account being completely emptied. Use Visa Card in reputable shops such as The Carrafour, Geneva, Surfboard Outlets, and Resorts. It is common to be charged 3% and sometimes more when using your Visa Card, so do check.

The Rupiah is very easy to understand. Try and purchase as much small money as possible. The working Balinese rarely carry a float , so morning prices such as Taxi’s and shops will have very little small money if any.

The below rates vary depending on the Australian $ at the time of reading.

1000 rup = 10 cents.

5000 rup = 50 cents.

10,000 rup = $1.

20,000 rup = $2

50,000 rup = $5

100,000 rup = $1o

Do not use ATM Machines at Night.

Use your hotel safety deposit box for all cash/ATM/Visa cards/Passports & Wallets. We use our Bali wallets to carry our rup (money) & at night only carry what we need.