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Learning the Lingo

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Hallo = Hello

Hallo – Upa Kabar = Hello How are you

Sibuk = Busy

What time is it? = Jam berapa

Where = dimana

Who = siapa

Quick = cepat cepat

Shower = mandi

fat = gendut

towel = handuk

Glasses = kicamata

smile = senyum

Can I have = Bisakah saya dapatkan

C inta = Love

Lihart Lihart = look look

Barong  = By many (all)

Permisi = Excuse Me

Murah – Cheap

Baik Baik = Just fine

Mah   aaf = Sorry

Excuse Me = Permisi

Big = Basaar

Wine (very important) = Agruu

Light = Sinar

Star = Bintang

Selamat Pagi = Good Morning

Selamet Sore = Good Afternoon

Selemat malan = Good Evening

Good bye = Sampai jumpai lagi

Delicious – Enak

Selemat Malam = Good Night

Terima Kasih = Thanks You

Terima Kasih Banyah = Thanks you very much

Sama Sama = Your Welcome

Tidak Teriam Kasih = No thanks

Ya = Yes

Maafkan Saya = Excuse me

Bog Bog = Rip off

Malung = Clouds

Makanan = Food

Drink = Minuman

Cold = Dinghan

Hot = Panas

One Cold Beer = Satu bir dingin

Umbrella = Paung

Your name= Siapa nama

See you later = Sampae umphanti

Mahul = Too expensive

Kasa Sita Bill Teramaksu Bunya = Can I have the bill please

Guru = Teacher

cha chut = Disabled People

Isteri = Wife

Lucky lucky = Son

Anak = Daughter

Please = tolong

Please come in = silahkan musuk

Its nothing = kembali / sama sama

I’m fine = kaba baik

Turn Left = belok kiri

Turn right  = belok kanan

Nanny Service / Baby Sitting

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Bali Baby Hire  is a amazing Bali Company run by a beautiful Australian Women named Megan.  She has two young children and is married to a Balinese High Priest. Not only does Megan run Bali Baby Hire (look under this BB post ) or visit  she runs a very professional Nanny service in Bali.  The Girls who work for Megan have all nannied for Australian women so are very used to western ways.  or phone 08980076460  081999488656

With the ever increasing request for families travelling to Bali requiring Baby Sitting Services and understanding the importance and challenges to find quality care, Bali Baby Hire was prompted to establish a team of local and International cares/ sitters who could offer the same professional, dedicated child minding that you would find any where in the world.
All our Bali Baby Hire  carers/ baby sitters are friendly, reliable mature adults aged between 18 – 50.  They all have a range of experience with children and are known by Bali Baby Hire personally.  Most are mothers themselves and so enjoy a special rapport with children in their care.  Many hold childcare qualifications or have nursing or teaching experiences.

The babysitters Bali Baby Hire refer meet strict criteria before they are accepted as part of the team.  They are personally interviewed and police checked.  They are all professional people and have experience and qualifications ranging from:

English Speaking, Professional , reliable, prompt and courteous,  Associate Diploma in Child Care and Child Services, Group Leaders, Local Teachers, Teachers Aids, Nannies , Nurses, Mothers, First Aid and CPR Training.

Carers will come to your hotel and or villa to allow you some special uninterrupted time to reconnect with your partner, so some shopping, sightseeing, visit on of the many day spas, relax around the pool or beach, enjoy a romantic dinner or simply have a extra pair of hands to help you out….

All Bali Baby Hire Carers arrive with a magic bag full of toys appropriate to age and to keep the children busy and entertained.. The Magic bags contain such things as, toys, play dough, craft activities, games, painting, puzzles,  bubbles, stickers, colouring in just to name a few.

Our Carers can also accompany you on day trips or to theme parks  just to give you that extra set of hands.

So wait no longer and email the Bali Baby Hire and book your Sitter now…  Rates are approx as follows:

Per Hour (min 3 hours)  = IDR 65.000

4 hours = IDR 250.000

8 hours = IDR 500.000