Beach Clubs

 Blues Point

Uluwatu – Enjoy the day $35 per person incudes a chair, towel, meal & a drink. $35 for Wayan Tattoo Transport. (AC car seats 7) best to book on line.

Sandy Bay Beach Club

Nusa Lembogan – FREE entry just buy food & drink….Wayan can organise the fast boat to NL for you at  (450,000 rup) return includes  Hotel transfers.

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The Palms Restaurant & Pool Bar

Nusa Lembogan – FREE entry just buy food & drink. Wayan can organise the fast boat to NL for you at (450,000 rup) return includes Hotel transfers.

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Finns Beach Club – Canggu

Now at Canggu – FREE entry just buy food & drink – Day beds start at $25 for the day. Contact Wayan for transport at $35 per car (AC seats 7)

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Karma Beach

$35 per person (350,000 rup) & gives you lift access to the beach, sunbeds & (150,000 rup) $15 to be used on food & drinks. Great music & amazing food.

The Rock Bar

Wayan will transport you to the Rock Bar. Best to make sure you get there not later than 4pm to make sure you get a god seat for the sunset. Not cheap but a fabulous one off experience with a DJ on the cliff tops playing fabulous sounds.

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Jungle Fish – Ubud

Just purchase food & drink for lounge & towel, swing chairs extra….the Beach Club with no beach

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Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach will be the cheapest Beach Club in Bali’s magic blue blue waters, great food, great cold Bintang and white sand.

Leave early around 7am to beat the traffic. Contact Wayan for transport 600.000 for the day for a 6 seater or 1 mil for a mini bus.

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Artotel Beach Club – Sanur

Next to the Guzebo Hotel & a 5 minute walk to the Sindhu Markets. Just purchase food & drink.



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