Lombok KutaLombok

The new Airport is open and only 20 minutes drive from Kuta Lombok.  Sure makes a huge difference.

There are two ways you can get to Lombok.

Fast Boat – Can take up to  6 hours Cost = 800,000 rup includes your transfer from your hotel.  Approx $80.  However lands in Singigi which is about a 1.5 hour drive from Kuta Lombok.

Air – 17 minutes $120 per person return.  By either Lion Air or Melpati.  Surfboards are extra usually around about $20 per board payable on check in.. But do watch the price it can vary???

We choose to fly because of limited time and the talk is that often the boats break down and can take a very long time to get there, and people are often extremely sea sick.

The quiet streets of Kuta Lombok – Bali of Old

We have been to Lombok 5 times and so love it.  It truelly is the Bali of old..  ( late 80’s) When you arrive at the airport it is best to have your transport prebooked to save the continued harassments of tour scouts. Cost = around $15.   Our guides are great friends.  We are very close to their family and share many meals with them.  The girls love to feed us up.

Kuta Lombok  is a surfers haven, for families I suggest a 3 – 4 night stay at the Novatel or for alot less money The Surfers Inn.  It’s best to book the Surfers Inn before you arrive.  It is right in the centre of Kuta  Lombok, has  a pool and is very popular.  WIF.  Bungalow 1 and 3 are the VIP rooms at only $40 a night approx.

Ryan our driver and best friend in Lombok with John

For Surfers there are many breaks up and down the coast. John’s favourite being the reef break Gerapuk.

For the non Surfers relax on the beautiful white sand and enjoy a wonder of activities.

Food is reasonable in Kuta  Lombok  but do remember all resorts have a service tax of 21%. The food at the Novatel is exquisite very tasty and the presentation is beyond your imagination. The Breakfast will keep you going all day.

Very few shops in Kuta Lombok but the young children Hawkers can often be very persistant so if you want some peace don’t encourage them. However its often easier to buy 1 piece of every one and that makes everybody happy.  5000 per braclet 50c.

Lombok from the reef
For transport from the airport in Kuta  Lombok get in contact by text to Ryan 081907248494 artrisula@gmail.com and David +6281803731197 email = firgina@yahoo.co.id Ryan will organise all your transport needs whilst you are in Kuta Lombok.  He has a smile a mile wide and is a beautiful man.Restuarants in Kuta LombokOur favourite being Sonyas , read below her wonderful story….(the sassak chicken is my all time fav) very much like a Thai Chicken Curry.. Yummy…. The Yellow Flower.  The Secret Garden, Everyone must take a trip up the hill to the Vegetarian Restaurant.  The views are spectacular and the atmosphere is just so calming and  relaxing.Sonyas Story Her food is fantastic and reasonably priced.    Sassak is the style of food in Lombok.  Here is Sonyas Story.Born and Raised in  Kuta Lombokit is not uncommon that her family could not afford to send her to school.  At the age of 8 years old she sold pineapples on the beach with her two brothers.  At the age of 15 she was selling sarongs and did so for the next 12 years.  In 2010 Sonya befriended Jessica a 20 year old English girl.  Jess was so  inspired by Sonyas kindness and hospitality  that she helped Sonya to build her Warung.  Sonya has repaid Jess her loan but will always feel indepted to Jess for giving her this opportunity.  She has now teamed up with the community of  Kuta  Lombok  to help create Solah, a sister bar and warung which sits further along the road.  We eat many meals at Sonyas, she is such a vibrant kind caring lovable person.


Mansur: Mansur is a Boat captain and will take you out to the many reef breaks.. For those who love to fish he will also take you out fishing..   Mansur will also hire you a Motor bike  Call Mansur on 087864613858

The roads in Kuta Lombok have drastically deteriorated.  Seems like all the government money has been spent on the new highway and no where else.

Soccer and Stick Fighting

Like every where you will always be able to see a game of soccer.  Each July sees the whole of Lombok compete in Stick Fighting.  Yes thats basically what it is…. you fight with a stick.  I found it very cruesome and just wanted to Betadene the boys injuries, but this is their custom and they can win good price money.  $10 a a fight.  I enjoyed the tribal dance more so at the end of each match.  A great custom to see.

Mataram Mall

In Mataram (1.5 hours form Kuta Lombok)  a very large Lombok  Westfield.  Everything including a maze and play for the little ones.


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