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Ida Fluueet  – Bali’s In Villa/Hotel Pamper Service

Ida – 0813 375 265 38  or FB


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Treatment Cost Packages
Balinese massage (1hr) 100k Ladies Night Packages – $270k

Hair Braiding

Manicure with polish

Pedicure with polish

Head/shoulder massage

Deep tissue massage (1hr) 200k
Facial massage 100k
Manicure 50k
Pedicure 50k
Add polish & nail art 30k  Luxury Package – $300k

Hair cream bath

Manicure with polish

Pedicure with polish

Essential oil massage

Foot scrub 50k
Full Body Scrub 100k
Eyebrow Tint 85k
Eyelash tint 100k
Eyelash & tint package 165k Holiday Package  -$320k

Balinese massage  (1hr)

Manicure with polish

Pedicure with polish

Facial massage

Eyelash extensions single 250k
Eyelash extensions silk 300k – 400k
Two hair braids 100k
Add extensions 150k
Full head braids 200k-300k Beautiful Package  -$370k

Single eyelash extensions

Two large braids

Foot scrub

Braids & extensions short 400k
Braids & extensions medium 600k
Braids & extensions long 1000k
Ear candling 50k Balinese Package  – $1,100k

Braiding with extensions

Eyelash extensions

Manicure with ail art

Pedicure with nail art

Micro blending eyebrows 1500k
Eyeliners top line 1000k
Eyeliner bottom line 1000k


Anik Salon – In Three Brothers Lane Legian

Anik will also come to you

Day Spa to You

Fabulous shellac ? Great waxing , eye tinting and much more Mention Bali Buddy

Ph 0818 05 3666 38

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