Professional Photography by Kadek




Wow this is the best deal.. This wonderful young man is one talented Photographer… Kadek will do Sunset Beach Shots for your family and or friends from:

Package one 35US Duration 15 minutes no edited includes  DVD file

Package two 70US Duration one  hour all files edited includes DVD files

Package three 230US Duration  three hours all files edited includes DVD files…

 You won’t get better value..

Organising a Wedding or special Birthday Party.. 4pm – 11pm $450US includes DVD File.  Kadek also has loads of extras such as:

Requested Slide Show = $50US

Wedding Books start at $90US (10 pages)

Photo Books start at $75US (10 pages)

Canvas start at 2 cents per cm…..

Contact Kadek and tell him you read about him on The Bali Buddy:

Ph.+62817552841  +6281239230679


Photo of Kadek and his work


Glan & Sarah

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Pree Wedding



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IMG_8779 IMG_8590 IMG_8897 IMG_8743 IMG_7852 IMG_7867



IMG_9680 IMG_9423 IMG_9532 fg IMG_9518

10R 1 12 IMG_7891 O Upload IMG_9147


IMG_1652 IMG_1824 IMG_1828 IMG_1078 IMG_1110IMG_1098 IMG_1078 10r IMG_0283 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_2577 IMG_2578 IMG_2587 IMG_2604 IMG_2645

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