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Apotik = Is the  Chemist

1) Buy some plastic throw away cups from the reject shop to take with you to brush your teeth and use for your spirit drinks.

2) Take a torch with you especially if travelling to Lombok,  Sumbawa (black outs are regular), Flores, Nusa Lembogan & The Gili

3) Take a little rope for a clothes line or use a leg rope, not all resorts offer drying racks.

4) If travelling with small children take museli bars and snack food with you.  You can buy everything in the Carrafour but if its something they must have take it.

5) The Circle K sells bags of Ice for 50c if you need ice for your spirits.

6) If travelling with children it can be a very long day at the airport.  Buy a Coles $2 esky bag and pack up rolls, snacks drinks etc. saves a lot of money that can be well spent  in Bali.

7) When packing for your return home pack all your heavy gear in your hand luggage… DVD’s weigh heaps so does leather bags, jackets, shoes.  If you have wet swim wear carry this on with you too.  The airlines have been very strict charging up to $25 per extra kilo.  However you can purchase extra kilos if travelling with Jetstar.  Buy a travel set of scales.

8) Before you leave take two copies of your passport your tickets and your travel insurance.  Leave one with a family member, leave one safely in your luggage and of course on arrival in Bali make sure your passport is in a safety deposit box.

9)  Google and Register  that you are travelling overseas with Australian Smart Traveller.

10)  If you are taking cash with you its a good idea to place your cash in numbered envelopes.  Ie:  Travelling for 14 days.. 14 envelopes with $100 in each envelope?  Helps you budget and keep track of your money.

11) Staying Longer than 30 days?  You must purchase a Visa on arrival at Denpasar Airport, then go to an agent to extend….google Easy Solutions in Legian, they are fantastic.

12) Keep all your plastic shopping bags and give to the Laundry Ladies or the girls on the beach they do have to buy them and this saves money and the environment.

13) Travelling with Kids and worried about them using the taps to brush there teeth.. Wrap plastic bags around the taps to save them using them….

14) If Travelling – 30 Kilos Each Bag or more….. each bag Must Not Weigh More Than 20 Kilos.

Example – 2 Bags       20 Kilos / 10 Kilo

– 2 Bags        15 kilo / 15 kilo  -all Have To Do Wth Bag Handles

Visa on arrival is now FREE & no more departure tax.

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