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I first came to Bali in 1984 as a 18 year old on my first overseas holiday and like so many people I fell in love with Bali instantly. I was in awe of the people, the culture and the history of these beautiful islands. The casual carefree environment and the atmosphere of Bali, made this place a paradise.

For the next 10 years I worked on cruise ships travelling the world and meeting my beautiful husband John, however the memories of my Bali holiday never faded.

When people ask me “What is your favourite country?”, it’s a given – Indonesia Bali.

In the early days we would pack up and head to Bali every July for a month. Taking the kids out of school, travelling the main island and the outer islands of Bali. We spent our time surfing, sightseeing and meeting amazing Balinese people. We learnt about their cultures, ways of life, religion, history and sedikit bahasa – a little Bahasa – the local language.

In 2014 we made the move to Bali, living in Garlic Lane Legian for 2 years. We loved every minute of our lives in Bali and only returned due to Johns work circumstances.

We will again in the near future make our home Bali.

In 2008 we met the beautiful Wayan Tattoo on the side of the road calling out “Transport Transport“. We soon became great friends, now family – Wayan is my kids uncle, my husband’s brother and to me, number one best friend and number two the best business partner anyone could wish for.

I was encouraged by friends to start a website / blog of our Bali Travels and experiences. My aim was to help Wayan market and promote himself and build him a successful business that would see him off the streets and have a continual income.

The rest is history 

We have a listing of over 50 Hotels, Villas, Resorts that we promote and market. We only promote, market and recommend when we have stayed, played, eaten and enjoyed ourselves in their premises.

We are forever grateful to our continued repeat, repeat, repeat customers for sharing the love of The Bali Buddy.

In 2018 – the 10th year of The Bali Buddy, we started the Bali Buddy Charity Scheme. The team visits remote villages four times a year, helping people in need with water, food, clothing and providing protection from the elements.

During the Covid  Pandemic with the love of all kind caring Bali Buddy followers we raised over $50,000 AUD to feed the starving people of Bali….with no tourism it meant no work, no money and of course no food. 

Wayan and The Bali Buddy Team were distributing rice and food all over Bali and the surrounding Islands for over 2 years that the pandemic has taken place. Wayan and the team did this all voluntary, and I will never be able to thank them for their love.

Without the Bali Buddy followers donations this would not have happened. Thanks for your continued love of Bali, you are all amazing.

You can find out more on our Charity Page.

We hope our clients holidaying in Bali will be enriched by using The Bali Buddy.

Thank you,
Niki and Wayan

Niki and Wayan

Niki and Wayan


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