Bali Safari Park

You will feel as if you have stepped into Jurassic Park and I definitely feel like I have been to Africa.

Tip: Purchase a locker on your way in – saves carry everything all day.

You will be able to pet and take pictures of Lions, Tigers and Orang-utans. You will see animals from all over the world on the guided bus tour. Make sure you have lunch in the Parks main restaurant as Lions and Tigers will join you at the window. The Elephant feeding is a real giggle and make sure you put your hand up high and shout out loud so you can be picked as a guest in the elephant show.

Tip: Go mid week it’s not as busy as the weekends. Safari Park is an amazing place the staff are very talented often speaking 3 languages during tours and shows. The park also has a water slide/ride section.You can also stay overnight at Safari Park in there amazing bungalows and be transported by elephant to dinner and pat lions and tigers whilst eating your meal. If you miss Bali Safari Park you will have missed a very special experience in Bali.

Speak to Wayan Tattoo re: discounts into Bali Safari Park

Wayan Tattoo / Bali Buddy Driver

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