Bali Belly

Peritonitis in Paradise

It’s our families tradition and we feel blessed to travel to beautiful Bali and its surrounding Islands for a month every year in July. Last July I felt a era and a much loved tradition in my families life had ended as we wouldn’t return in July 2012 for our months pilgrimage due to Molly’s year 12 study commitments. As the plane left the tarmac of Denpasar many tears trickle down my face as a month in Bali every year… Read more

Bali Belly, Dengue Fever, Pink Eye, Bamboo Mites and Medications

How do you get it? Bali Belly

Yes it could be from food, water, a dirty plate, knife, fork, the pool, or just in the air. There are lots of remedies but of course the number one remedy is STAY IN EYE SIGHT OF A TOILET. Red Cordial. Kapult, Imodium, Charcoal tablets and if you are really bad call a doctor and ask for a shot.

I always carry a small medical kit with us but… Read more

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