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Postage back to Australia

How much does it cost to ship back to Australia from Bali?

If you have over shopped and are over your weight flight limit – we have the solution

“POST BACK TO Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast”


Padma Street – “DHL Jalan Legian” in between Jalan Melasti & Jalan Padma

Approx Cost = 25 kilo DHL = $256 US approx.

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BIMC (Bali International Medical Centre)

JI By Pass Ngurah Rai 100x Kuta 80361 Bali 761263

I don’t know how to begin this segment of the Bali Buddy other than to say BIMC were and are amazing. I have just returned from Bali (11 /5/ 12). My husband John and son Darcy were in Sumbawa on a boys surfing holiday when extremely bad pain took over Johns body. It turned out to be peritonitis.. (appendix) or in Balinese (Usus Buntu).

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Tips for You

Tips for your Bali Holiday!

VIP on Arrival

Contact Tic Bali for a fabulous fast track thru the  airport in Bali.

Tic staff will meet you at the the Fly Bridge with your name on a sign , they will then step you through all the processes of arriving in Bali including your luggage collection  and will walk you  to your transport.

$50 per person – sorry no discount for children…. Read more

Learning the Lingo

Hallo = Hello

Hallo – Upa Kabar = Hello How are you

Sibuk = Busy

What time is it? = Jam berapa

Where = dimana

Who = siapa

Quick = cepat cepat

Shower = mandi

fat = gendut

towel = handuk

Glasses = kicamata

smile = senyum

Can I have = Bisakah saya dapatkan

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Nanny Service / Baby Sitting

Bali Baby Hire

Bali Baby Hire is a amazing Bali Company run by a beautiful Australian Women named Megan. She has two young children and is married to a Balinese High Priest. Not only does Megan run Bali Baby Hire (look under this BB post) or visit she runs a very professional Nanny service in Bali. The Girls who work for Megan have all nannied for Australian women so are very used to western ways. … Read more

John’s Surfing Tips

The Surf in Bali is crowded, people are travelling now from all parts of the world to experience surfing in Bali. Don’t expect your own break, but if you take your time and explore a bit you can wing some classic waves.

I surf at Kuta Reef heaps. To get a boat to Kuta Reef, drive thru the Kuta Markets and turn left, you can store all your gear here, park your bike or car. The boats with… Read more

Phone Cards / Sim Cards in Bali

Bali Sim Card & Bali Data

Go to Jimmie shop (across the road from Puri Paja Hotel on Padma Ultara). Jimmie will look after all your phone and data needs and also sell you a cheap phone if needed.

Ask for a Telakomsel Sim Card or similar.

Check that your phone is unlocked before you leave the country.

To call Aus 0101761 drop the 0 i.e. in 02. ie : 0101761427814915… Read more

Made Money Changer in Bali

Made Money has now moved to Garlic Lane, just down from Sucawathi Hotel – opposite Gang Nine.

Great Rates and honest money changer!

Made will also come to you to exchange your money if you have a large sum of cash. Call Made on 0812 394 877. Mention The Bali Buddy. Made also offers discounted Water Bom Park Tickets & will deliver to your Hotel/Villa.

When using a money changer make sure your money… Read more

Villas in Bali


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Resorts in Bali


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