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How Much Should You Pay?

I am always asked: “how much should I pay for shopping items in Bali?”
I love to barter and love a good bargain.

“If you are happy with what you’ve paid – that’s all you have to worry about”.

This list is only an example – give or take a few Rup.

Good luck and enjoy shopping, barter and buying great bargains in Bali…. Read more

Price (RUP)


Phone Cards / Sim Cards in Bali

Bali Sim Card & Bali Data

Go to Jimmie shop (across the road from Puri Paja Hotel on Padma Ultara). Jimmie will look after all your phone and data needs and also sell you a cheap phone if needed.

Ask for a Telakomsel Sim Card or similar.

Check that your phone is unlocked before you leave the country.

To call Aus 0101761 drop the 0 i.e. in 02. ie : 0101761427814915… Read more

Made Money Changer in Bali

Made Money has now moved to Garlic Lane, just down from Sucawathi Hotel – opposite Gang Nine.

Great Rates and honest money changer!

Made will also come to you to exchange your money if you have a large sum of cash. Call Made on 0812 394 877. Mention The Bali Buddy. Made also offers discounted Water Bom Park Tickets & will deliver to your Hotel/Villa.

When using a money changer make sure your money… Read more

Villas in Bali


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Resorts in Bali


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