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Gili Air

If your visiting Gili T, don’t miss a day trip or better still a few nights on Gili Air. It’s only a short $3 boat ride to this magic Island! Relax chill and enjoy…

If your visiting Gili T don’t miss a day trip or a few nights on Gili Meno (my fav out of the three islands) only a short $3 boat ride from Gili T and a must see. Snorkelling and the best of sunsets…… Read more

Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary

If your visiting Gili T, take a day trip or spend a few nights on magical Gili Meno. Visit this amazing Turtle Sanctuary.

A lovely local man is trying to save the turtles. It sometimes costs him up to $10 a day to feed them. So a donation would be fabulous.

He keeps the turtles till they are 8 months old giving them a better chance of survival in the open ocean…. Read more

Campuhan Walk – Ubud (FREE)

Campuhan Walk – Ubud – Free

When in Ubud there are many fantastic things to do. There are some really nice walks, be it through the village, through rice fields or just a beautiful nature walk. The Campuhan Ridge walk is definitely at the top of the list of must do walks when in Ubud. It is a beautiful walk which is filled with greenery and hills. More of a jungle or forest walk.

This is… Read more

GWK Cultural Park

GWK Cultural Park – Bali – a must see
Rising from the rugged hills of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, the magnificent Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue stands watch over the island. The towering statue is Bali’s most iconic landmark and depicts the Hindu God Wisnu, atop his mount, the mythical eagle, Garuda. Soaring to a height of over 120 meters, this is one of the tallest monumental statues in the world, higher than both the Statue of Liberty and Christ the… Read more

Uluwatu – Kecak & Fire Dancers

Uluwatu – Kecak & Fire Dancers

This dance is truly unique in the sense that the dancers move via all male tribes. To understand the performance you can get a copy of the story of the dance which is based on mythology.

It is always packed with tourists. Get there early… at least 45 minutes before the show. Expect to be squashed as you are packed into the theatre. The show starts at 6pm (Bali Time)…. Read more

Taman Anyar Village

Taman Anyar Balinese Village is new to The Bali Buddy.

Learn all about the Traditional Bali Life and Farming.

Contact Wayan Tattoo for discounted prices and transportation. Minimum 2 person.

 A fabulous Day of Village Activities:

  • Visit elementary school and interaction with the kids
  • Welcome by a traditional barong dance and receive a flower offering
  • Visit our family temple and get a holy bracelet
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Temples & Ceremonies

Temples in Bali

A visit to Bali is not complete without visiting a Temple or Two – here are some of our favourites – Wayan and The Bali Buddy Team will assist you with transport and will advise you on what Temples you can see in a one day tour, how long a drive it will take and the daily transport price – we hope you have a memorable day and enjoy your Temple Tour.

Please… Read more

Book a Beach Club Day Out!

To book a Bali Buddy Driver for your Beach club day out, please use the contact details for Wayan or fill out the form and he will get in contact with you. Bali Buddy Driver Wayan

Wayan Tattoo / Bali Buddy Driver

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