Temples and Ceremonies

We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful experience on our Bali Buddy Tours – we have researched and enjoyed every tour on our list and only use the best of Tour services and Guides in Bali.
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Temples & Ceremonies

Temples in Bali

A visit to Bali is not complete without visiting a Temple or Two – here are some of our favourites – Wayan and The Bali Buddy Team will assist you with transport and will advise you on what Temples you can see in a one day tour, how long a drive it will take and the daily transport price – we hope you have a memorable day and enjoy your Temple Tour.

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Book a Beach Club Day Out!

To book a Bali Buddy Driver for your Beach club day out, please use the contact details for Wayan or fill out the form and he will get in contact with you. Bali Buddy Driver Wayan

Wayan Tattoo / Bali Buddy Driver

Villas in Bali


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Resorts in Bali


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