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The Surf in Bali is crowded, people are travelling now from all parts of the world to experience surfing in Bali. Don’t expect your own break, but if you take your time and explore a bit you can wing some classic waves.

I surf at Kuta Reef heaps. To get a boat to Kuta Reef, drive thru the Kuta Markets and turn left, you can store all your gear here, park your bike or car. The boats with the red flags are 50,000 / $5. Also a spot they call “Middles” is a bit further out, but bigger with less people.

I love Uluwatu and Legian Beach, just out the front of Puri Raja Resort has some great banks. I also surf regular breaks at Canngu, Keramas, Bingin and Balangan. You can sometimes, but not often get some good rights at Dreamland. I have enjoyed some great surf at Medowie, Balian and Kuta Lombok & Sumbawa (Lakey Peak).

Bagus Berselancar (good surfing),

Hire Surf Boards & Surf Lessons

You will pay a fortune with the big companies. Head to Legian (Between Puri Raja and Niksoma Hotels), right out the front of Monzorella by the Sea Restaurant, to the Twins Bar.

Tip: Hire a Motorbike with a rack so you can duck off and go surfing quickly, even if it’s just up the beach a bit further. Make sure your travel insurance covers moto riding & always wear a helmet. If you take your time and don’t take risks you will be fine.  Purchase Indo Surf and Lingo – this surf book has all the breaks, waves and Info you will need for a perfect Surfing Holiday in Bali.

Surfing Lombok

Lombok offers a great variety of waves from Desert Point (renowned as one of the best waves in the world) to Gurapuk which suits the beginner to intermediate surfer (except on big days). Other breaks are Mawi, Mauin, Air Galung, Segar Tanjung Arn and Ekas’s. To me – Lombok is like Bali was 25 years ago, beautiful people, food and classic waves.

Bali and Indo surf spots are more popular than ever and the sight of crowds out in the line up can be discouraging. My advice is go for it any way. A lot of people just go out to say they have surfed Ulu’s or the reef and are like buoys, floating there. I find if you don’t snake people out but go for it, you will get your fair share of waves and give the locals their share and you will find that they share too…


Nusa Lembongan


Before you go in the water, always check the tide. Some spots have local variations as well so ask around. The best time to surf is between the two hours before and the after the full tide when the risk from reef injury is lowest. The tide coefficients have to be more than 1.0 for beginners or 0.7 for more experienced or you will risk getting cuts or breaking your surf fins. Tide charts are available at monkey Surfing or check our INFO SECTION for the Benoa tides and add about 30 minutes.


PLAYGROUNDS (left or right)
This is only a 5 minute paddle from Coconut Bay. It is the easiest take off but often crowded. Be careful if it’s your first time surfing a reef break, take care with medium to big swell and strong currents.

LACERATIONS (left and right hander)
Just in front of Monkey Surfing office, this wave is perfect for every level of surfing offering small to medium swell. When the swells get bigger (2m+) only the right hander is surfable and offers a very fast barrel to the most experienced surfers. You can get to it by fifteen minutes paddling from shore or take a boat and save your energy for the waves.

SHIPWRECKS (right hander)
Start paddling from Indiana Kenanga towards the black flag which indicates the entrance to the lagoon (around 10 minutes). This is world class but a bit crowded. When the wind blows offshore, this wave offers a nice barrel. It is best for experienced surfers only. Lookout for the seaweed farmers sticks!

RAZOR (left hander)
Next to Shipwrecks, this long lefthander is easy to spot from the shore as it is always breaking and is bigger than other spots. Choose your wave carefully as some of the sets close out. This is the best for experienced surfers as there are many seaweed sticks and if you are still catching the whitewash, you may end up in the seaweed sticks.

CENINGAN (left hander)
Take a motorbike over the suspension bridge, turn right and ride ten minutes. The break is 2 minutes offshore and usualy with very few people. It is very good when the surf is too small for Lembongan. But it is best for experienced surfers only as there are many seaweed sticks.

Over 100kms of surf potential, Yoyo’s, Sar Reef, Lakey Peak,  Nunga’s, periscope & Cobblestones.

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