Phone Cards / Sim Cards in Bali

Bali Sim Card & Bali Data

Go to Jimmie shop (across the road from Puri Paja Hotel on Padma Ultara). Jimmie will look after all your phone and data needs and also sell you a cheap phone if needed.

Ask for a Telakomsel Sim Card or similar.

Check that your phone is unlocked before you leave the country.

To call Aus 0101761 drop the 0 i.e. in 02. ie : 0101761427814915

To ring Australia from your Bali Sim: If you have a Telakomsel Sim Card (this is the one I always use) – dial 0101761 (no 0) as in 02 just use 2 then the number. Same if you use a Melpati Sim Card but you dial 0101661 (drop the 0) then dial the number.

It’s much cheaper for you to ring from Bali than what it is for family and friends to ring from Australia. However, if they wish to ring your Bali Mobile No: this, is the code they will use in Oz: 001162 then your Bali Number.

As we all know, Face Time & What Apps Cost… nothing!

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