Shopping in Denpasar

Kampung Nusantara
An outlet simular to Geneva but a little more up market, on the bypass.

Very simular to Geneva but a little more up market, all drivers and taxis know how to get here. Jalan Teuku Umar Barat no 286 Denpasar.
Phone: +62 361 789 922 1

Kumbasari Art Market

Kumbasari Art Market is so big that it actually houses two floors.

It’s right in the heart of Denpasar, so you can easily pair this with a visit to the island’s capital city.
Hundreds of kiosks and more than a thousand stalls in the market, where people have been slinging colorful offerings since 1977. Unfortunately, a fire burned it down in 2000, but it re-opened a year later and still thrives today.
Balinese fabrics, sarongs, sculptures and ornaments, t-shirts, the Kumbasari Art Market has got it.


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