Shopping in Seminyak

PLEASE NOTE – These shops may  or may not be open due to covid -we are trying our best to get around to them all – A lot are under renovation so they may open in the near future.

Handwoven Plus in Seminyak: Talk to Drajad Nur Cahyo 081 629 511 1 or 036 173 359 9. They only take a couple of days to make. My suggestion is to go early and order, but do remember they do weigh a lot.

Double 6
Sarongs, Sarongs and More Sarongs and some great different style clothing.

Geneva has everything at a set price. You name it they have it, handbags, photo albums, cushions, curtains, incense, gifts, gifts and more gifts, the list is endless. Don’t buy any banana leaf products and be careful with place mats. Take tissues for the toilets. Open 9am – 9pm make sure you take your driver up with you as they receive 7% commission. It’s great for the driver.

Detail Decor
Opposite The Jail in Kerobokan.

The Flea Market

Located down the beach end of Jalan Oberoi in Seminyak, The Flea Market is a large covered market with a wide variety of goods. The quality of leather and clothing in these markets is to a high standard. The prices also match. This is not the place to come if you are looking to buy bulk Bali bargains. If you are however looking for some quality pieces of clothing (men’s, ladies’ and children) and the amazing leather goods.
Open until late. Bartering is expected here but the prices will reflect the quality of the goods.

Seminyak Square Markets

Located – Eat Street (Jalan Oberoi) in Seminyak the Seminyak Square Markets. The markets only run until 5.30pm each day.
Higher prices here. The quality is a lot better and the products and styles are also newer.
Also check out Seminyak Square while your there.

Double Six Markets

Towards the end of Double Six there is a one way street that is called Jalan Werkudara – take a walk here also. There are a couple of fabulous clothing stores and a great fixed price home-wares store that features the coloured Buddha’s and wall hangings.

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