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Tips for your Bali Holiday!

VIP on Arrival

Contact Tic Bali for a fabulous fast track thru the  airport in Bali.

Tic staff will meet you at the the Fly Bridge with your name on a sign , they will then step you through all the processes of arriving in Bali including your luggage collection  and will walk you  to your transport.

$50 per person – sorry no discount for children.

Very quick reliable service.

Extension Visas – for over 30 Day stay in Bali

Contact Paul at –     +6282147963562

Mention The Bali Buddy.

Apotik = Is the Chemist

  1. Buy some plastic throw away cups from the reject shop to take with you to brush your teeth and use for your spirit drinks.
  2. Take a torch with you especially if travelling to Lombok, Sumbawa (black outs are regular), Flores, Nusa Lembogan & The Gili.
  3. If travelling with small children take museli bars and snack food with you. You can buy everything in the Carrafour but if its something they must have take it.
  4. The Circle K sells bags of Ice for $1.20 if you need ice for your spirits.
  5. If travelling with children from Australia it can be a very long day at the airport. Buy a Coles $2 esky bag and pack up rolls, snacks drinks etc. saves a lot of money that can be well spent in Bali.
  6. When packing for your return home pack all your heavy gear in your hand luggage. DVD’s weigh heaps so does leather bags, jackets, shoes. If you have wet swim wear carry this on with you too. The airlines have been very strict charging up to $25 per extra kilo. However you can purchase extra kilos if travelling with Jetstar. Buy a travel set of scales.
  7. Before you leave take two copies of your passport your tickets and your travel insurance. Leave one with a family member, leave one safely in your luggage and of course on arrival in Bali make sure your passport is in a safety deposit box.
  8. Google and Register that you are travelling overseas with Australian Smart Traveler.
  9. If you are taking cash with you its a good idea to place your cash in numbered envelopes. i.e: Travelling for 14 days = 14 envelopes with $100 in each envelope. Helps you budget and keep track of your money.
  10. Staying Longer than 30 days? You must purchase a Visa on arrival at Denpasar Airport, then go to an agent to extend. Google Easy Solutions in Legian, they are fantastic.
  11. Keep all your plastic shopping bags and give to the Laundry Ladies or the girls on the beach they do have to buy them and this saves money and the environment. Take your own environmental shopping bags.
  12. Travelling with Kids and worried about them using the taps to brush there teeth. Wrap plastic bags around the taps to save them using them.
  13. If Travelling – 30 Kilos Each Bag or more….. each bag Must Not Weigh More Than 20 Kilos.
    2 Bags = 20 Kilos / 10 Kilo
    2 Bags = 15 kilo / 15 kilo – All Have To Do With Bag Handles
  14. Visa on arrival is now FREE & no more departure tax.

Balinese Names

Balinese like to name their children by the birth order, forget real names (it’s a little like the American Jnr) in our culture but a little more complex. They go through fourth born and then just start again at first. So everyone shares names. So don’t shout out Wayan in the street, every one will come running.

Doesn’t matter whether your born boy or girl first Born Wayan, second born Made, third born Nyoman, and the Baby Ketut.

Dogs & Cats In Bali

Don’t touch them. BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) love dogs so they want there to be less of them in Bali. Because less is more. More Food. More Care. BAWA mobile clinic conducts up to 40 free sterilizations a day. The Ubud Vet Clinic also perform sterilizations and arrangements can be made for Indonesians who cannot afford to pay. BAWA rescues puppies and kittens from the streets and cares for them until they are old enough to be re-homed. On average they have up to 50 animals at their clinic waiting to be re-homed.

Because BAWA’s policy is to leave mature street dogs where they are found, they have a program providing medical care and feeding. BAWA staff and volunteers prepare over 100 meals a day and deliver them to areas where underfed dogs are known to live. For BAWA to continue their programs donations are urgently needed.  You can help! Every cent helps contact call 0361981490 or visit BAWA at their care centre.

Gold Coins

The Balinese love Gold Coins as they use them to melt down for their own wedding jewellery. Take some with you for the end of your trip. If you see the kids on the streets asking to change there gold coins.. Its up to you but basically they are only after 10,000 rup if they have a $1 coin or 20,000 rup if they have a $2 coin.

Henna Tattoo

Personally Don’t. Just tell the sellers you are allergic and they will leave you alone, however if you really have to have one, do it once and don’t allow them to top it up before the end of your trip. This is where infection sets in. If infection does set in use Betadine and rub the area with lime or orange juice. If itchy use an antihistamine.


The Balinese wash in Hot water so if you do not wish to have most things shrink, ask for your washing to be done in cold water. It works sometimes. However they do magic with your whites. I like the Laundry in Legian just down the lane before Kevins shop on Padma Ultara called Anna’s. Very very reasonable and a one day service. If using laundries that weigh your clothing be careful and don’t put wet gear in to be washed. Wet weighs more. Take your left over plastic bags to the Laundry so they can be re-used and more plastic bags don’t have to be bought.

The Memorial

A questioned often asked. Do the Balinese speak of the Bombings? The answer is YES. This is mostly in a political sense, as the Balinese need to and want to reassure us that it wasn’t them. The Memorial is a place where of course I feel sad and always walk away crying and have the feeling of how lucky we all are to now be here in paradise sharing special moments with the ones we love. Visit the memorial, take some flowers and of course think of those that we have lost.

Time Share

Be aware don’t be gullible and taken in by time share. You will be offered a winning ticket on the street. The Balinese know who is new to Bali or just arrived by the colour of our skin. Tidak Terimakasi Bunya (No thank you).

Toilets In Bali

Not many people are aware until you experience it yourself but the plumbing system does block up at times in Bali. So to save the plumbing system in Bali, Ladies please when you do a number 1 put your toilet paper in the bin next to the toilet. Number 2 of course flush it. Like in Oz any other items are wrapped up and put in the bin. Believe me this will save your loo from over flowing.

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