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It’s all about culture. It’s also swimming in some of Bali’s best restaurants and has some fantastic shopping, especially if you are after Art or Jewellery. The weather can be cooler in the mountains so take a light cardie. I love Ubud markets and love being there early morning as it does get extremely hot. I also love watching the kids play soccer every afternoon on the main soccer field on Monkey Forest Rd. I’m an early riser and love to run the streets of Ubud before the real hustle and bustle starts, its a great way to see life in Ubud. Yoga is the scene in Ubud. Look under my post Yoga.


Your experience in Ubud wouldn’t be complete unless you visit the Rice Terrace Cafe. Nestled at the top of the hills about a 20 minute drive from Ubud on your way to Kintamani, you will be awe struck by the beauty of the rice terraces. Enjoy a meal here (very reasonable) Ubud Monkey Forest is just so so beautiful. The monkeys are well fed and looked after, therefore tame and no threat to any one. If you feel a little unsure ask for a guide, they are free but its good to slip them a little something as their knowledge and history of the Forest is amazing.

Ubud Markets: What can I say about all the markets, stalls, food, shops, alleys, gangs. Ubud is a totally sensory experience, women working smells, food, vegies, a mad chaotic warren of Bali wonder, it will be with me for ever, even the dogs. Ubud has the best silver shops in the area.


Jungle Fish – Welcome to the Ubud’s no beach… beach club !

Jungle Fish is a “must do” in Ubud, where you can experience swimming amidst the lush jungle, in the beautiful landscape of the Ubud area. Open-air split-level restaurant and pool bar perched on the side of a ridge overlooking the Osh River Valley, Jungle Fish is located just 10 minutes’ drive north of Ubud. It is part of the Chapung Se Bali Resort & Spa*****, a luxury Resort well known for its airy, designer, private pool Villas.

In the Resort, you can experience:

  • our “no beach… beach club” where you can chill out with your kids, friends or your beloved; enjoy snacks and cocktails throughout the day.
  • our Chapung Spa, located next to the pool, where you can indulge in a complete therapy with Balinese massage, facial treatments, pedicures and much more…
  • our Jungle Fish restaurant where you can have breakfast and lunch with a stunning view over the pool and the green valley.
  • our spacious Villas with private pool and our Suites with plunge pool and valley view.
  • our fine-dining restaurant Di Abing, where you can taste a unique fusion cuisine of Asian and Mediterranean flavours.

From breakfast to snacks and late lunch, our Jungle Fish restaurant offers you a wide choice of dishes and drinks that will satisfy every palate!

$20 entry includes a towel – then enjoy food and fabulous cocktails and drinks of your choice…

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