Bali Belly, Dengue Fever, Pink Eye, Bamboo Mites and Medications

How do you get it? Bali Belly

Yes it could be from food, water, a dirty plate, knife, fork, the pool, or just in the air. There are lots of remedies but of course the number one remedy is STAY IN EYE SIGHT OF A TOILET. Red Cordial. Kapult, Imodium, Charcoal tablets and if you are really bad call a doctor and ask for a shot.

I always carry a small medical kit with us but you can really get everything you want in Bali. They have great band aids that have betadine in them, however as the family is surfing I always take a big bottle of this with us. I also take John’s Hay fever Tablets.

Dengue Fever

Keep away from areas that have dirty water running or fish ponds that are in need of some TLC. If you look like you could possibly have the symptoms of Dengue get to a Doctor or Hospital quick. Dengue is usually from a morning or night mosquito, to play it safe spray yourself often with aeroguard. (Bush-mans is the best it has 80% deet) and before you head out for dinner light Mozzie coils and spray your room with baygon. I suffered Dengue in 2014 its not pleasant.

Pink Eye

Or often called Foam Pit Pink Eye. It’s our conjunctivitis. A lot of teens get Pink Eye due to the Foam Pit at the Bounty. Then they swim in the pools and it spreads. If you get Pink Eye go straight to the chemist (Optik) for some antibiotic drops and tablets. The pharmacist knows Pink Eye well. Stay out of Pools.

Bamboo Mites

They are mites that grow in Bamboo. The reason they grow in the Bamboo is because the proprietors have not sprayed them. Most common is  a Bamboo Chair which are found in lots of warungs and establishments. Symtoms are pimple like rash then that grows into a very big blubbery piece of skin. Of course this happens on the arms and legs where you sit on a chair. Avoid the sun as this irrates the skin and seek medical advice and ask for Bokashi Oil Minyak Oles Bohkashi.

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