Trekking Mt Batur

Firstly, this is not for the faint hearted or the un-fit.

It is a lot harder than you expect or the brochure tells you. I am quite fit, I go to the gym daily and run, bike, row for at least an hour a day…  I found the trek physically demanding… But loved it once it was over.. LOL…

At 2am you are collected at your Hotel and transported to Batur Volcano, by 4 am and by torch light you are trekking (I called it rock scrambling) up the volcano.. This is not like a OZ national park track.

You will need a jumper with you as it gets very very cold up the top.

I often felt dizzy as the torch light and your head is constantly looking at the uneven ground and it’s dark. The track is not compacted down so the rock often moves under your feet.

By 6am you have reached the top. It is cold, your guide will make you a banana sandwich and a boiled egg. (hadn’t had one of these since i was a kid and truly loved it)  You can purchase tea coffee and hot chocolate. You now watch the sunrise…

On our particular day it was cloudy. But I must say the view was breathtaking. A memory forever.

The trek down is also very tough and you will be surprised and shocked with what you scrambled over as it is now day light. It took us 1.5 hours to descend, but many people take longer. This truly was an experience of a life time.

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